Flowers, Trees & Plants of Cambodia

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Plants in Cambodia

pretty much everywhere you look.









I know even less about the names of the plants here than I do the names of the flowers


Plants are different than flowers and vegetables and fruits.

Some more Cambodian Plant Pics

sea grass in cambodias'luk bo ree yum plant in cambodia asiagrawlong joom plant in asia cambodiak'daht plant in cambodia asiabrawteeul geeng kooah plant in cambodia asiadam chook in cambodia asia.cactus in cambodia, brawteeul gontooey neeah

dam rusey gaio, bamboo in cambodia asiadam p'kaa choong go plant in cambodia asiagumplaok water plant in cambodia asiajawk in cambodiatdaywada bram bey dtooH in cambodiapopoke wul plant in cambodiabateeo pluk damrey, elephant tusk plant in cambodia asiaawndat graper, crocodile tongue in cambodia asiadam praw plai in cambodia asiap'nyaa bran plant in cambodiap'kaa s'laa in cambodiachinese herbs, ginger in cambodiacambodian herbs for reducing headachemedicinal plantsskoon plant in cambodia asiaanother cambodian oxcart with plantslittle white cambodian flowersblue cambodian flower plantscactuses (or is it cacti) in cambodiacactus in cambodiadam prong in cambodia asiabamboo in cambodiak'nao in cambodia asiadam troap toot toot in cambodiadam prawklawp in cambodia asiaa cambodian outhouse at a pig farmp'kah gadan mea in cambodia asias'luk jaah ploo in cambodia asiaat independence hotel in sihanoukville, cambodiaahntdreeun kite plant in cambodia asiapuhtee aik muan in cambodia asiadam l'hong kwang in cambodia asia

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