Flowers, Trees & Plants of Cambodia

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k'now or durian fruit in cambodia asia

Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables in Cambodia

Fun to look at. Even funner to eat.








And if I knew the names of these Cambodia fruits and veggies

i'd be glad to tell you

Over 460 varieties of fruits, veggies and nuts in Cambodia but i'm just guessing

Some more Cambodian Fruit Pictures

offering of fruit in cambodiacoconuts in cambodiagarlic or k'tum saw in cambodia asiasawsawk srow in cambodia asiawatermelon in cambodia, o lukm'kut fruit in cambodia asiapineapple in cambodia, manawalychee fruit in cambodia, sao maomango fruit, swai in cambodia asiamango tree in cambodiap'lai t'noat in cambodia asia fruitcambodian bananas, jake umboangfruits for a cambodian weddingan offering of fruits and vegetables for a cambodian holidayred hot pepper or as we say mahtay die neeung in cambodia asia vegetablea banana grovefruits for sale at the market in cambodiafruit for sale on the street in phnom penh, groick t'lung vegetable plai beh! goouk in cambodia asiaa cat and a bunch of bananas in cambodiagroick sowik fruit in cambodia asias'luk muhloo leaves in cambodia asiasweet potato or dumloang chweea in cambodia asiaplai meanswrawgaah neea! vegetable in cambodia asiabell peppers in cambodiacarrots and brown thingsl'hong k'jay fruit in cambodia asiadtrawyoang jake fruit in cambodia asiadtrawlaak vegetable in cambodiadtraw baik fruit in cambodiagun dtoout fruit in cambodia asiacambodian cucumberspumpkins or l'bpo in cambodia asiasundike gooa vegetable in cambodia asiadtrao root in cambodia asiacoconutscorn, we call it boatfirst one of these i've ever seen in cambodiafruit plai dtawlung ploong in cambodia asiathese fruits tast terrible mark, (thanks anyway)banana trees in cambodia

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